who are you?

my name’s victoria b, i was born on october 13, 1991

what ethnicity are you?

i’m a mix! i’m dutch, indonesian, italian, ukranian, and irish.

where do you live?

vancouver, canada.

what size are you?


are you part of girl-guts?

yes, i’m the editor, creator, as well as the writer of the weekly round-up, and the occasional odd post. you can check out all the pieces i’ve done for girl-guts here.

how’d you get your hair purple/pink/etc.?

i bleached my hair with professional bleach until it was a very pale yellow, then i used a toner to make it white, then i probably used some sort of punky colour dye diluted with conditioner. it’s about a 1:30 ratio of dye to conditioner.

how do you stop your hair from fading?

i can’t, no one can. i’m lazy and don’t redye my hair as often as i should, but to keep the colour vibrant (depending on the colour) i’d have to dye it every week or every other week usually.

cool colours with blue pigments fade fast, so about every week you should be re-dying your hair. warmer colours like red and orange hold to your hair far better than cool tones, so you’d only have to re-dye every 2-3 weeks.

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